SEOAnt vs BoosterSEO vs SEOKart | Best Shopify SEO Apps

Looking for the best Shopify SEO app? Here's a detailed comparison between SEOAnt, BoosterSEO and SEOKart to help you make the right decision.

July 14, 2023 | 10 MINUTES

SEOAnt vs Booster SEO vs SEOKart: Which Is The Best Shopify SEO App?

44% of customers start their online shopping journey with a search engine. They search for words and discover products/services.

What does this mean?

Your eCommerce store might have the best and most unique products that no other store has. But unless your potential customers can find those products during their search session, you don’t exist.

That’s where Shopify SEO comes in.

But implementing the right Shopify SEO strategy requires a lot of work. And that’s where you will need to equip your team with the best Shopify SEO app.

In this blog, we compare three of the best Shopify SEO apps that are built for online stores - SEOAnt, Booster SEO, and SEOKart.

Best Shopify SEO App: SEOAnt vs Booster SEO vs SEOKart

In the following sections, we’re first going to introduce you to each of the best Shopify SEO apps and then walk you through a comparison.

About SEOKart

SEOKart is a one-in-all SEO app for Shopify sites. It helps eCommerce sites to enhance their online visibility, increase traffic, and boost search engine ratings. It’s a comprehensive SEO app that performs a lot of tasks that are tedious if done manually.

As soon as you install SEOKart, the app runs an inside-out SEO audit on 15 SEO factors such as meta descriptions, tags, images, links, URLs, etc. Besides, it also tracks 25 keywords and compares it with three competitors.

The app offers a free plan and three other plans at competitive rates.

These are some of the main functions of SEOKart:

  • Advanced SEO audit: Helps highlight issues that are preventing your pages from gaining more traction
  • Bulk optimizer: Helps you update all empty meta tags and enables auto SEO mode
  • Image optimizer: Optimizes the image size, add alt-text, edit file name, and enables auto SEO mode
  • Rank tracker: Helps you track the weekly rankings of keywords
  • SEO rich snippets: Helps send important information such as reviews, rating, etc. to Google for increased click through rate
  • 404 Errors Fixer & 301 Redirects: Ensures your website doesn’t have any broken internal links
  • Leverage AI tools: The AI app leverages ChatGPT and AI for metadata and descriptions

Explore more features of SEOKart here

Here are some customer reviews for SEOKart.

You can install SEOKart for free on your Shopify store.

About SEOAnt

SEOAnt is an AI SEO optimizer app built for Shopify sites. The app includes the following features: Boost page loading that enables image compression, preload, app scripts removal, and AMP. The app has an optimized SEO rankings feature that handles meta, alt-text, keyword research, and structured data. It also has features that automatically detect 404 errors and redirect URLs. In addition, the auto-scan feature helps with indexing, speed, content, etc.

About BoosterSEO

BoosterSEO is an all-in-one SEO optimizer app for Shopify sites. The app boasts of features such as enhanced page load speed, SEO scores, image compression, optimization of meta tags, auto pilot feature to search and address SEO issues, automatic redirection of broken links, 24/7 live chat support, among others.

SEOAnt vs Booster SEO vs SEOKart: In depth comparison

Here, we look at the various factors that you must consider when you look for the best SEO apps for Shopify, and the capabilities of each of these three apps. This comparative take will help you decide the app most suitable for your Shopify site.

SEO Audit

SEO audits are a crucial and essential part of maintaining the efficacy of your SEO strategy. SEO audits typically include indexing, crawlability, user experience, keyword research, backlink profile, etc. If your website isn't properly optimized for search, you could lose out on a sizable quantity of search engine traffic and potential customers.

All these three Shopify SEO apps include SEO audit features. However, with different levels of efficiency.

SEOAnt includes audit services around different factors such as image compression, meta, alt text, keyword research, detection of 404 errors, indexing, speed, content, tag errors, dead links, etc., among its other comprehensive SEO audit features.

BoosterSEO Optimizer, too, provides various SEO audit features, such as bulk image compression, meta tag optimization, autopilot features to fix SEO problems, auto redirection of broken links, among others.

Compared to the two apps, SEOKart demonstrates high-level of SEO audit efficiency. For example, the app performs a sophisticated SEO audit of the five grading categories and 15 key ranking criteria.

The app is self-sufficient, which means you can correct mistakes and raise rankings without consulting any specialists. All you have to do is simply follow the AI-generated optimization recommendations based on score to start noticing benefits right away.

What is more, the app also allows easy and automatic syncing. The app also allows you to undo the last two adjustments and discover your store in its original condition.

With so many advanced features, SEOKart beats SEOAnt and Booster SEO, making it one of the best Shopify SEO apps.

Bulk optimizer

Bulk optimizer feature helps speed up the optimization process by performing tasks in bulk. This means you can make changes at scale, within lesser time.

For example, SEOAnt performs edit, alt text, tracking and redirecting of broken links in bulk. This makes it easy to add relevant information and images. BoosterSEO enables bulk image compression that helps improve page load speed and SEO scores.

SEOKart performs bulk optimizer tasks such as optimizing meta tags, alt text, among other tedious tasks. It enables cruise control to automate the optimization for new pages. You can also utilize the app to view past history in bulk.

For example, let us look at a use case. With SEOKart, you can create custom templates using product name, SKU, price, etc. and structure meta tags, alt text, and update them in bulk, all at once. You can enable this bulk optimization across your Shopify store pages such as for product section, blog pages, collections section, etc. The ease of use and efficiency makes SEOKart one of the best SEO apps for Shopify.

Image optimizer

The process of image optimization is SEO includes producing and transmitting high-quality photographs in a proper format, dimension, resolution, and minimum file size so that audiences can access it from different devices and have the same experience.

BoosterSEO’s bulk image compression feature helps improve the page load speed, which helps enhance SEO scores. The app also checks new images once per week to keep optimization up to date.

SEOAnt ensures lossless image compression, dynamic scaling of images, lazy loading set up, etc. Both BoosterSEO and SEOAnt offer basic image optimizer functions but SEOKart takes it a notch higher.

SEOKart ensures you get better page speed by optimizing the image sizes. The app modifies file sizes as high, medium, or low, as required. In addition, it allows you to add or edit the alt text and file name in an easy manner. Moreover, you can also convert the file format, for example, from PNG to JPEG.

And if these are tasks that you don’t want to spend any time on, you could put it on Cruise Control mode to automate the process. The app performs bulk image optimization tasks without disturbing any elements on your website.

SEOKart helps you maximize your ranking on the search engine, which makes it one of the best Shopify SEO apps for eCommerce stores.

Page speed optimizer

Many Shopify site owners get carried away with how their websites look and feel and ignore the page loading speed. Sites that load faster help enhance user experience. Conversely, sites that take long to load have a higher bounce rate. And hence, page speed optimization is a critical factor for eCommerce sites.

But even more critical is to use Shopify SEO apps that have the capability to ensure page speed optimization features such as image optimization, ability to change file size, etc.

Let’s look at how each of these three Shopify SEO apps score at page speed optimization.

BoosterSEO provides features that help improve page load speed on mobile devices, no code install process, 24/7 live chat, etc. SEOAnt includes features that help minify HTML, CSS & JS Files, dynamic scaling of images, reduce HTTP requests, remove unused javascript, etc.

In comparison to SEOAnt and BoosterSEO, SEOKArt offer better page speed features, for example, the app enables cross device optimization to ensure best speed on mobile and desktop

Rich snippets

When people conduct searches online, they prefer to click on results that provide them with more details. For example, Google search results often display page titles and meta

descriptions, but with additional markup, you can instruct search engines how to display extra information about your products or brand.

Utilizing rich snippets gives products meaning and gives browsers easy access to information that encourages them to click through to your product. Rich snippets have a higher click-through rate, which means more visitors from a search result.

Both SEOAnt and BoosterSEO offer rich snippets features, but once again, it’s no surprise that the best Shopify SEO app — SEOKart offers something better in this regard.

SEOKart ensures your eCommerce store gets product markup snippets. For example, it pushes snippets such as product availability, price, image, ratings and reviews, FAQ snippet, home page snippet, etc.

What is more, the app also checks and shows the likelihood for your store to apply the snippets, as well as allows you to see a preview.

Rank tracker

Unless you track how you’re ranking on search engines, you will not know how you’re performing and what changes you can make to become better. That’s where rank tracking helps for SEO optimization. And the best SEO apps would definitely include this feature.

SEOAnt allows you to monitor keyword ranking, website ranking, and more. BoosterSEO

Here’s how SEOKart’s rank tracker feature helps your Shopify store rank better:

  • The app constantly tracks, compares and improves your search ranking
  • The app suggests keywords on the basis of ranking or you could add your own keywords to optimize
  • Rank tracker feature tracks rank with four default variables: country, language, device, and search engine
  • The app compares your rank on keywords with three competitor sites
  • The app presents results in a clear and concise format such as best and worst position, historic changes, etc.

Google Analytics 4 integration

Analytics is one of the most important factors when choosing Shopify apps. Because unless you analyze correctly, you won’t be able to optimize. Analysis helps gather SEO data and extract important information to make it useful. This insightful information can then be utilized for your SEO strategy.

Google Analytics 4 enables websites to measure traffic and engagement across sites and apps. It collects event-based information from apps and websites to help sites optimize.

SEOAnt and BoosterSEO Optimizer offer analytics integration features. For example, BoosterSEO integrates with Google Search Console, ChatGPT, Yotpo Reviews, JudgeMe Reviews, etc. Similarly, SEOAnt integrates with, TT Ali Reviews, etc.

SEOKart offers strong Google Analytics 4 integration capabilities. The app helps evaluate your Shopify store’s revenue, order, and traffic and conversion rates based on different parameters and segmentation. For example, whether the search was organic, referral, direct, from social or paid searches.


One of the most important factors for Shopify stores to consider and invest in SEO apps is its pricing. Every eCommerce brand aims to increase profits, but expensive apps and tools can eat into it. Hence, when you’re looking for the best SEO app for Shopify, pricing should be a critical factor.

A comparative look at the pricing structures and plan options of these three Shopify SEO apps shows SEOKart as the best Shopify SEO app among the three. As is evident, the app offers more number of plan options to choose from.

Both SEOAnt and BoosterSEO Optimizer offer free trials for a short duration that may not be sufficient for Shopify stores to get an understanding of the apps’ capabilities. In comparison, SEOKart’s forever free plan means Shopify sites can use the app for as long as they like for free before signing up for the paid options.

SEOKart also makes it easy for businesses to scale with the number of plan options—as your number of customers rises, you can upgrade your plans. Not only does SEOKart offer more plans to cater to different sizes of Shopify stores, but its pricing, too, is much more competitive than SEOAnt and BoosterSEO Optimizer. Therefore, pricing is definitely a factor that makes SEOKart one of the best Shopify SEO apps to consider.

Let’s look at the pricing options of the three SEO apps.

BoosterSEO Optimizer



Ease of use

When looking for the best Shopify SEO app, the simplicity of use and setup should be your top priority. The app UI must intuitively lead you to the following steps up until the launch, regardless of your level of familiarity with setting up an SEO app. Besides, you should have hand-holding support available if required, in the process.

For Shopify sites, all the three apps—SEOAnt, BoosterSEO, and SEOKart—offer features that are easy to use. The apps are easy to install and get started with. However, there are a few aspects where SEOKart earns more points over the other two apps.

  • SEOKart makes it easy for Shopify sites to install, set up, and use the app
  • SEOKart frees up your time
  • It helps break down silos of SEO and brings SEO efforts together
  • The app is user-friendly as the different features and processes are easy to navigate
  • The app’s user experience is designed to provide clear instructions and guidance
  • SEOKart has a supportive and responsive team who address concerns promptly

SEOAnt vs. BoosterSEO vs. SEOKart : A comparison table

Here’s a table that highlights some key factors that differentiate one app from the other and will help you choose the best SEO app for your Shopify store.

  SEOKart SEOAnt BoosterSEO
Shopify ranking 5 4.8 4.9
Free plan
Free trial period Forever free plan available 7-day trial 1-day trial
Paid plans

$10/ month

$15/ month

$25/ month

$29.99/ month

$59.99/ month

$39/ month

$69/ month

One-point contact Not sure Not sure
Support 24/7 support by SEO experts Not sure 24/7 support by SEO experts

Which Shopify SEO app is best for your Shopify store?

SEO requirements constantly keep changing and quickly. SEO is no longer about focusing on a few keywords added to your Shopify website content. Your Shopify site content needs to be optimized at an even faster speed.

And so, it’s a must to select a Shopify SEO app that enables you to scale your business easily. Your SEO app should also have all the advanced capabilities to beat your competition quickly so you can provide customers the best experience.

SEOKart is designed to fulfill these rising demands of the eCommerce industry and customer expectations. The all-in-one app means you do not need to install multiple apps or move between dashboard. SEOKart brings to the table 18 plus years of experience and expertise in the industry.

With its comprehensive suite of capabilities—from audits to analytics and incorporating industry changes—SEOKart is considered one of the best Shopify SEO apps in the industry and is one of the most preferred by top eCommerce brands that use Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Want to know more about SEOKart and how the app can help your Shopify business thrive?

Book a demo or install the free plan to try it!

Frequently asked questions about Shopify SEO

Which SEO app is best for Shopify?

Among the many SEO apps available in the market, such as SEOAnt, BoosterSEO Optimizer, SEOKart is the best Shopify SEO app as its features and advanced capabilities stand out from the rest.

Does Shopify have an SEO tool?

Shopify sites have some basic SEO tools built-in to help with optimization. However, for advanced, better, and fast optimization, you require Shopify SEO apps such as SEOKart.

How to do SEO for a Shopify store?

The best way to get your SEO game on point for your Shopify store is to install an efficient SEO app. You can explore some of the best Shopify SEO apps on Shopify’s website.

How much does SEO cost in Shopify?

How much your Shopify SEO would cost depends on your marketing plan, the number of your products, the size of your website, and the SEO app’s pricing.