Puts Everything in Perspective

  • Audit
    With just a click, run an inside-out SEO Audit of your store on 15 critically important SEO factors, examining title tags, meta descriptions, content, images, links & URLs health.
  • Augment
    Follow SEO Audit’s actionable metadata insights & with the help of integrated GPT, optimize your store to get a 100% SEO score like a cakewalk.
  • Automate
    Save heavy lifting by optimizing meta tags & alt text in bulk. Automate the optimization for the new pages with cruise control.
  • Assess
    Stay ahead of the curve by tracking your store’s rank on 25 keywords, across 4 parameters, in comparison with 3 competitors.
  • Analyze
    Get channel-specific action-oriented Google Analytics data on revenue, order, traffic & conversion rate.

Everything at Once

Incredible things happen when vetted natural intelligence & validated artificial intelligence come together.

Here is our suite of unparalleled features that makes SEOKart your go-to app for anything & everything SEO.

Here’s to limitless growth-

Instant SEO Assessment,
AI-driven Enhancements

  • Perform advanced SEO audit on the 15 crucial ranking factors & 5 grading categories.
  • Fix errors & improve rankings without hiring any experts. Simply follow the score-based, AI-generated optimization suggestions on the next screen & start seeing instant results.
  • Feel free to make SEO changes outside the app too. Automatic synchronization has got your back.
  • Just in case you feel like returning to base, restore upto 2 last changes & find your store back in its original shape.

Optimize in Bulk,
No Need for Hard Work

  • Create your custom template of variables such as product name, type, SKU, price, etc. & articulate your title tags, meta descriptions, and alt texts & update them at scale.
  • Once set up, it runs on its own in the backend without affecting other tasks.
  • Enable across the store, including product, category/collection, brand, & blog pages.
  • Revisit past events with the bulk optimizer history. Feel like calling us the best SEO app for Shopify now?

Images Optimized,
Rankability Maximized

  • Add and edit both file name and alt text.
  • Modify file size as high, medium, or low as per your requirement.
  • Convert image file format from PNG to JPEG.
  • Apply optimization changes to multiple images in bulk or one-by-one, as per your convenience.

Set The Goal & Enable Cruise Control

  • Under Bulk Optimizer switch on Cruise Control & have your custom template for title tags, meta descriptions, and alt texts apply automatically to every new product you add to your store.
  • Cut the queue. Tear the waiting list. The title tags, meta descriptions, and alt texts of your new products get updated automatically on a daily basis.

Rich Snippets for a
Richer Click Through Rate

  • Enables your store to get Product Markup Snippet (product’s availability, image, price, review count, and rating), FAQs Snippet & Home Page Snippet.
  • Checks & shows how likely it is for your store to apply the snippets & displays a preview.
  • Apply optimization changes to multiple images in bulk or one by one, as per your convenience.

Bound to Succeed with
Faster Page Speed

  • Meticulous evaluation followed by rapid improvement in all of the following three Core Web Vitals- Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) for loading, First Contentful Paint (FCP) for interactivity, and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for visual stability.
  • Precise analysis pursued by an instantaneous boost in the following Lab Metrics- Total Blocking Time (TBT), Time to Interactive (TTI) & SI (Speed Index) to lay the path for smooth interactivity.
  • Cross-device optimization to ensure the best speed of both worlds; mobile and desktop.
  • It's an add-on service for which we charge $149. A certain number of eligible stores are selected every month for free Page-Speed Optimization.

With Rank Tracker, You Rank Better

  • SEOKart lets you constantly track, compare & improve your rank game. Our pride for being called the best SEO tool for Shopify comes from here.
  • Get keyword suggestions on the basis of what we deem fit your store the best or bring your own keywords or have a mix of both.
  • Track your store’s rank on these added keywords with the following 4 default variables; country, language, device & search engine.
  • Compare your rank on all of the keywords with 3 competitors who we recommend or you want to keep a close eye on.
  • Lucid presentation & intelligible information such as Best Position, Worst Position, historic changes, etc. make everything a no-brainer.

GA-4 Integration for
Insightful Information

  • Evaluate your store’s revenue, order & traffic & conversion rate, segregated on the basis of the channels (Direct, Referral, Organic Search, Social & Paid Search) they came through.
  • Pull historical data & draw comparisons to assess the trend & take smart data-backed decisions.

Plans + Pricing

Start absolutely free now & only if, at any point, you find SEOKart saving your valuable time while yielding more value for your store then upgrade later.

Since there are no ​​limits on time, you can keep using the free plan forever. Our earning that way is your confidence & our title of the best free SEO app for Shopify.

No hidden costs or surprises. Cancel or change your plan anytime.



A Better Answer to
SEOKart v/s Others

SEOKart is designed to free your time. To pull together the ever-changing building blocks of SEO in one good place. To break down silos of SEO. To connect the dots. To get your store more engagement for ​​less effort. To get you a bang for each buck.

Something about our a​ll-5-star reviews says that you can count on us. Let’s get started. We’ll take care of the rest.

Stores like yours give us a five!

Helped me improve my site speed
Very responsive and great personal service. The team helped me improve my site speed and optimize my images. Highly recommend!
Where was this years ago?
Awesome App for your webstore. Where was this years ago? Will continue to use SEOKart. Prompt service and and support.
Thanks for the help guys
Thanks heaps for the free page speed fix. It showed me that I definitely need to do more work on my site. Now I am considering going on a plan and seeing what the app can do for my site. Thanks for the help guys.
Glad I decided to use this app
Fantastic app and fantastic customer service. Very easy to use tools. Very quick response time. Glad I decided to use this app.
Improved our load times
SEOKart performed a page speed optimization for our home page and product and category pages. They improved our load times for desktop and mobile platforms that should lead to better customer experience and sales on our site.
All in one App
This app is exactly what I was looking for! SEO Bulk editor, GA Analytics and SEO Ranking research! All in one App!! Great! Support is very kind and answers immediately.
A very valuable app
This is an excellent app for SEO and other features. They continue to add other features which makes it a very valuable app for us.
Improved my website immensely
Wow! what a lovely app. Optimize your images, track keywords, check on competition and more. All of them have helped me improve my website immensely.
Support has been quick, thorough and effective
This is an excellent dashboard and tool for monitoring and improving SEO. The support we've received has been quick, thorough and effective. Highly recommend this app.
With the help of this app, I learned a lot
This app is great. I don't know much about SEO, but with the help of this app, I learned a lot. I like the keyword adding, and image optimization. Really helpful. I recommend it and will continue to use it

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we get asked the most. For any other questions, please feel free to schedule a call, send an email or start a chat. We are all ears 24x7!

SEOKart is an all-in-one DIY SEO app that gets you a​​ll the SEO tools to help you optimize your store for the best search rankings in the easiest possible way.

Using its advanced features like SEO Audit powered with AI suggestions, Page Speed, Image Optimizer, Rich Snippets, Bulk Optimizer, Cruise Control, Rank Tracker, Analytics, URL Editor, etc, you can optimize your store to the best practices of SEO and get better rankings!

The SEOKart app is built by professionals having 18+ years of experience in the field of SEO. SEOKart is the perfect blend of human expertise & artificial intelligence which works on the basics of SEO and does not try to 'overdo' anything.

Along with the right mix of advanced features like Page Speed,, Image Optimizer, Rich Snippets, Bulk Optimizer, Cruise Control, Rank Tracker, Analytics, URL Editor, etc, we offer a cutting-edge SEO Audit powered with AI suggestions that laser-scans every product and category page of your store on the 15 most important SEO Factors.

Start scanning & optimizing your store's categories, products, brands, home, blogs & other pages effortlessly on the 15 crucial parameters.

Then move towards advanced steps, by optimizing your store’s images, meta tags & page speed using advanced features such as Bulk Optimizer & Cruise Control (Auto-SEO).

Use Rich Snippets, Rank Tracker, Analytics, 404 Errors Fixer, URL Editor, etc, to make your SEO strategy infallible.

Start off by identifying the right keywords. For example- if you sell Leather Shoes in the USA, then your keywords can be "Buy Leather Shoes", "Leather Shoes Online" etc.

Each primary keyword should be used on one page only.

After identifying the right keywords, write your pages’ Title Tag, Meta Description, and Products/Category descriptions with the identified keywords mentioned in them.

Our app can help you do all of that with its expert suggestions & AI.

That's not recommended. If you must do it, then first get to the product pages with blank Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Update them in bulk with SEOKart’s Bulk Optimizer feature.

Once done, optimize the categories and bestseller products manually using our advanced SEO Audit.

You don't need to optimize hundreds of products in a month.

Even if you optimize as little as 50 products every month, then also you can expect a boost in store traction and revenue.