SEOKart, BigCommerce, ChatGPT & The Initial Impact (Chapter 1)

My experience with chatbot, AI, and everything around it has been a bittersweet journey. Here is how ChatGPT brought the paradigm shift with respect to its implementation in our SEOKart app on BigCommerce.

Ashish Biyani
June 02, 2023 | 4 MINUTES

I Hated It!

It was the summer of 2019 when I was invited by a university to speak on Digital Marketing to its MBA and PhD students.

After my workshop, I had the opportunity to evaluate the research papers completed by those PhD students and ask them questions.

Although my memory is not that great, I vividly recall the conversation I had with an individual who based his paper on ChatBots.

I inquired if he truly believed chatbots were useful and capable of achieving the wonders he mentioned in his paper.

I also expressed my opinion that, despite not having a core technical background, I possess a strong understanding of Customer Service and firmly believe that chatbots have been a disappointment thus far.

I still remember the expressions on his face and those of the other 300 participants!

First Interaction

Fast forward to January 2023, we were all introduced to ChatGPT in the latter part of 2022, and initially, I was sceptical due to the long-held beliefs I had carried for so many years!

However, I began using it and continued to do so until the server crashed, as millions of others were also utilizing it by that point.

I asked ChatGPT about myself, and the words and information it provided left me awestruck! I have never thought so highly of myself before.

I requested ChatGPT about writing a poem for my beloved wife in honor of our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. When I sent it to her, she couldn't believe it.

She responded with love emojis, which I found hard to believe.

Come on, guys! We've been married for 10 years, and we've reached that level of love where we don't often express it :)

Now, let's move on to the part that brought you here. Otherwise, you'll undoubtedly increase the bounce rate of this page and bury its existence on the 10th page of Google!

Initially, using ChatGPT was fun, but later it became about evaluating its capabilities.

I explored how well it understands prompts and adjusts its responses based on the choice of words used in the prompt.

I experimented with dozens of use cases in customer service, digital marketing, content marketing, and more.

And I was proven right. 😬

The chatbots I discussed in 2019 were an entirely different thing. It wasn't really a chatbot; it was simply named as such.

And ChatGPT is what we needed because it works. Period.

And, We Did It!

It has been over two weeks since we integrated ChatGPT functionality into the SEOKart SEO App for BigCommerce!

We didn't do it because of FOMO or the buzz surrounding ChatGPT; we did it because our users love SEOKart, and on top of everything, we strive to be at the forefront of offering them new features!

And it was a smooth process.

We enjoyed every step of it!

We understand BigCommerce. We understand its APIs. We understand the needs of merchants.

And we know SEO too!

SEOKart's Managed SEO Services for Ecommerce Stores

After trying hundreds of prompts on various products, categories, and brand pages, we discovered how ChatGPT can be utilized for the SEO of BigCommerce Stores.

We realized that numerous factors must be considered, including product variations, attributes, brand names, categories, and most importantly, the "keywords."

Furthermore, there are specific rules that must be followed, SEO rules, because SEO matters.

We are also keeping track of all the updates from Google regarding the use of AI-generated content.

Although Google itself promotes a similar tool and has changed its perspective on penalizing AI content in Google searches, which is beneficial for the SERP world!

After dedicating hundreds of hours to research, development, and fine-tuning, we successfully integrated ChatGPT into SEOKart, enabling it to generate meta-tags, product descriptions, category descriptions, brand descriptions and blog descriptions without requiring ANY prompts from the users!

We aimed for perfection, and we are close to achieving it!

The Initial Impact

We refrained from announcing the feature until recently and kept it in Beta mode.

As expected, over 100 users discovered the feature on their own and started using it.

It was crucial for us to closely monitor how this new feature was perceived by BigCommerce stores and whether it met their needs.

We built a tracker within our super admin that provides information on the number of prompts generated for each type and category, as well as the number of prompts utilized.

Based on these results, we began optimizing low-performing prompts.

We have been doing this on a daily basis for the past 15 days, and now over 75% of the ChatGPT-generated meta tags and product descriptions are being used by SEOKart users!

Efficacy of SEOKart App integrated with ChatGPT on BigCommerce Stores

Our users are thrilled with it!

Their reviews ( and emails demonstrate the value we have added to their business goals!

We acknowledge that it's still early, and there is much more to be done. We already have a list of features that we want to integrate into SEOKart with the help of ChatGPT.

But as SEOKart is a COVID product, we have learned not to miss any opportunity to celebrate even the tiniest moments of success! So, yay! We are happy!

I am happy!

PS: No, this wasn't written by ChatGPT! It was only proof checked by it! 😅

Disclaimer: SEOKart recommends thoroughly reviewing and editing any AI-generated content before utilizing it for your store to ensure it maintains a human-like tone, high quality, accuracy, and professional standard.