What Can’t Be Tracked & Compared, Can’t be Improved

Track & Compare Keyword Rankings for your Shopify/ BigCommerce Store Across Locations, Search Engines, Devices & Languages for Completely Free!


Track Ranks for 25 Keywords

SEOKart’s advanced algorithm suggests you a suite of the most sought after keywords of your industry. You can select the keywords from there or add your own to make the list of the top 25 keywords you want to keep an eye out for.

Tracks Ranks on 4 Parameters

For the 25 keywords you want to track the ranks on, you get a great flexibility on the parameters you want to track them on. You can select not only the country but also the language, device & search engine.

Don’t Just Track; Compare

The rank data you want for the 25 keywords & 4 parameters can be fetched not only for your store but can also be compared with the same pieces of information for upto 3 competitors of yours.

Alexa Rank Tracking

Alexa rank is a proprietary methodology of Amazon that rows websites on the basis of their estimated traffic & visitor engagement over the past 3 months. It is one of the most accurate & reliable website ranking authorities in the market. SEOKart also shows the real-time Alexa rank of your store.

Google Analytics Data

SEOKart adds another layer of analysis by displaying the Revenue, Order, Traffic & Conversion Rate of your store segregated on the basis of the channels (Direct, Referral, Organic Search, Social & Paid Search) they occurred through.

Completely Free

SEOKart’s Shopify & BigCommerce apps are developed only to add real-value to your growth for completely free.

Reporting Options

You get to choose the duration on which you will like SEOKart to send you the ranking & comparison data. The available options are weekly & monthly.


Once you have installed SEOKart app in your store, simply follow the following super easy & swift steps-

Select or Add Keywords

SEOKart’s advanced algorithm provides you with a set of keywords you would like to keep a track of. You can select upto 25 keywords from the suggestions or add the keywords of your own choice.

Select Tracking Parameter

For every keyword you will add to the list, you will be prompted to select the parameters on which you will want SEOKart to track your & your competitors’ weekly/ monthly ranks. The available parameters are Location, Device, Search Engine & Language.

For instance, if yours is an apparel e-commerce store, one of your desired keywords could be ‘buy dress online’. For this keyword, you can select parameters such as USA, Mobile, Google.com & English respectively.

You can track the same or different parameters for the other 24 keywords. Or, you can track the same keyword on different parameters. Sheer flexibility is at your disposal.

Select or Add Competitors

Once you have submitted the keywords & tracking parameters, you can see them under the ‘Added Keywords’ box.

The next step will be to select or add up to 3 competitors with whom you will like to see your store’s weekly or monthly ranks compared for those 25 keywords.

You can select the competitors from the list suggested by SEOKart’s advanced algorithm or you can add your own.

Add Google Analytics Account

By adding the Google Analytics account, you will get to access & compare another layer of insights of your store.

Google Analytics account can be added with just one click & presents you valuable pieces of information such as Revenue, Order, Traffic & Conversion Rate segmented into the channels they come from i.e. Direct, Referral, Organic Search, Social & Paid Search.

 You can also compare this data with any other duration.

And, That's It!

In the end, all you need to do is select the frequency on which you will like to receive this automatic report. The available options are weekly & monthly. Since it is completely free, you need not to worry about the payment at all.