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Managed SEO Services

SEOKart provides managed SEO services where our professional SEO Managers and Executives work rigorously on your website to get you more organic traffic and revenue.

We offer four plans as per your business’ life cycle stage. If you have a brand new store or have less than 200 products, you should start with our Lite or Essential Plan.

If you have an established brand or have more than 200 products, you are suggested to go with Advanced or Premium Plan.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you any guarantee,but can tell you that we have been working for the past 15 years in this field and most of our customers are delighted with the results we have given them. 

We work on basics and always go the extra mile to get our clients good ROI. We understand there are tens of hundreds of SEO agencies and everybody says the same, but we can tell you that unlike others, we have real expert team members on board.

No, there is no contract. You can cancel anytime, though we are sure that once you see results, you won’t be thinking about cancelling our services.

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 months to have our experts audit your website, research keywords, optimize meta tags, and create lots of high authority links. Once Google crawls the backlinks and the optimized pages get indexed, your store starts getting higher rankings which result in more relevant traffic and sales.

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SEOKart App

It’s a very simple app which tells you about your store’s SEO performance by tracking the keywords positions on Google and emails you a weekly/ monthly report. SEOKart also tells you about your competitors’ performance so you can always keep a check on them.

Just enter up to 25 keywords in the Keywords section. You can also refer to the keywords’ suggestions and add from there if you find them relevant. Once done, please enter up to 3 competitors whose ranking you want to track. And done!

For the best analysis and reporting, do connect your SEOKart app with Google Analytics from the dashboard.

Please click “Connect to Google Analytics” button and follow the simple instructions. If you find any issues, please chat with us or drop an email at and we will assist you further.

Once you have added a few keywords, visit the Report section and there you can see the option to enable reports and choose between weekly and monthly duration. By default, the report will be enabled and will be sent to you on your registered email address.

Please visit the Ranking section and you can find rankings of all the keywords you have added to our App. To add more keywords or make changes, please visit the Keyword section.

SEOKart App is completely free and to keep it like that for a longer period, we have to restrict the rank tracking up to 25 keywords only. Kindly email to and we will see the best we can do for you. 🙂